DBD: Survival – Skywalker

Hier das Video zu „Survival“ aus dem aktuellen Album „Liberty Island“. Nachfolgend gibts die Lyrics gleich mit dazu…


She’s screaming: Let me out. This place is cursed.
Can’t even imagine how it could be worse.
Beaten up, she’s all black & blue.
The scar, the bruise, she can’t get through.

How do we let this happen?
An eye for an eye has turned the whole world blind.

You’re all fighting for your own survival.
I understand your concern – survival.
But have got your hearts stuck to survival.
Do not let your whole life become survival.

Now everybody is an enemy
that he sees with his bloodshot eyes.
He needs to beat and beat then.
That way he’ll reach the sky.

Man, how did this happen to you?
No matter what they say,
you don’t have to play their game.

I refuse to let my limbs become tools of hatred.
This is not cowardice for I’m not standing defenseless.
Fuck violence, let it be heard.

You know and I know your life is so much more.