John Woo: Manhunt - TRAILER

John Woo: Manhunt – TRAILER

At "Manhunt" is this is the film adaptation of a book by the Japanese Juko Nishimura. It deals with a policeman, of a robbery and ...
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the punisher - Trailer and Poster

the punisher – Trailer and Poster

After yesterday's promo here the first real trailer for Netflix 'Punisher series. Could one of the series highlights the second half are, but at the moment no one knows ...
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Beyond Skyline - TRAILER

Beyond Skyline – TRAILER

Friends, if you happen to aliens and their blue light rays known in the following trailer, then why, because its already in "Skyline" Of 2010 ...
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The School - TRAILER

The School – TRAILER

"The School" Lunar Pictures and the Australian film company Bronte Pictures reminded visually of a mix "Silent Hill" and "Lord of the flies". the ...
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the punisher - Promo Trailer and Poster

the punisher – Promo Trailer and Poster

As Netflix draws attention to the spin-off lately, can the release of "the punisher" not be long in coming. In ...
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Godzilla: monster Planet - Trailer for the animated film

Godzilla: monster Planet – Trailer for the animated film

Here, the first real trailer for the animated film "Godzilla: monster Planet" TOHO Studios and, if we do not understand as much here, because ...
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Thor: Ragnarok - TRAILER

Thor: Ragnarok – TRAILER

In the new trailer for the Japanese market, Chris Hemsworth and Mark Ruffalo make as Thor and Hulk meet together Götterdämmerung. also can ...
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Starship Troopers: Traitor of Mars - TRAILER

Starship Troopers: Traitor of Mars – TRAILER

before 20 Years, the bugs have caused on Mars a huge bloodbath. Since then, Johnny Rico is in the Mobile Infantry and now ...
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Pornocracy - TRAILER

Pornocracy – TRAILER

Thanks to the Internet, there is the satisfaction held in sleazy porn cinema in the next Tab. Although nowadays more pornography is consumed as ...
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Vidar the Vampire - TRAILER

Vidar the Vampire – TRAILER

Title character of the Norwegian vampire comedy "Vidar the Vampire" is a Christian-educated farmer (Director Thomas Aske Berg), of his Drögen life is sick and tired ...
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Loving Vincent - TRAILER

Loving Vincent – TRAILER

the filmmakers Dorota Kobiela and Hugh Welchman used over for her work 120 Various paintings of the impressionist Dutch painter as the basis and inspiration. the ...
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From the 2. we can buy Eli Roths first series-production on two DVDs this November. The eight-part horror series brought it into the US & A ...
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Death Wish - TRAILER

Death Wish – TRAILER

The older calibers among us says "A man sees red" something else, a film series with Charles Bronson in the year 1974 its beginning was ...
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Handjob Cabin - TRAILER

Handjob Cabin – TRAILER

A horror movie with a happy ending! This gun is something completely different. One might assume, that it typical with a ...
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Jigsaw - Red Band Trailer Deutsch

Jigsaw – Red Band Trailer Deutsch

Friends, you have missed Jigsaw? In the following trailer the dreaded cult killer from SAW returns and puts his deadly game in the match ...
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My Friend Dahmer - TRAILER

My Friend Dahmer – TRAILER

between 1978 and 1991 killed Jeffrey Dahmer 17 Men and boys, on his first murder he was only 18 Years old. 1994 was ...
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Keep Watching - TRAILER

Keep Watching – TRAILER

In Home Invasion plant "Keep Watching" we may cheer, when the aspiring scream queen observed in their own homes and terrorized by a madman ...
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Bodied - TRAILER

Bodied – TRAILER

with film "Bodied" Eminem returns back to battle rap, The film was produced by him. Director Joseph Kahn is through his music videos, ...
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Stephen King's ES - German trailer shows new scenes

Stephen King’s ES – German trailer shows new Sze ...

The Americans is the encounter with Pennywise early September before. Last persuasion does Warner Bros. with the now fifth German Trailer "This is". In the ...
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Happy Death Day - TRAILER

Happy Death Day – TRAILER

"Happy Deathday" is an adaptation of Groundhog Day-principle with a compelling component: Student Tree Gelbman experienced just the day over and over again from the beginning, to the ...
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Wolf Creek - Trailer 2. Season of the TV series

Wolf Creek – Trailer 2. Season of the TV series

On the hit list are in Mick Taylor relentless forays through the Australian outback not only animals, but above all unsuspecting tourists, giving it completely ...
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Red Christmas - TRAILER

Red Christmas – TRAILER

Here are the first scenes to another festive shocker "Red Christmas" of actor and director Craig Anderson, Dee Wallace (E.T.), Geoff Morrell (Ned Kelly), ...
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Temple - TRAILER

Temple – TRAILER

for the movie "Temple" the roles were completely reversed on the set - director Michael Barrett sets the tone and the actors or ...
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Jeepers Creepers 3 - Trailer and Poster

Jeepers Creepers 3 – Trailer and Poster

Although now thirteen years have passed since the last film, the insatiable Creeper never tires, mercilessly hunt down his prey chosen one ...
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Mother! - Two Trailer and Poster

Mother! – Two Trailer and Poster

About the Horror of "Black Swan"-Creator Darren Aronofsky little is known. He was shot in strict secrecy and with Jennifer Lawrence in ...
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Applecart - TRAILER

Applecart – TRAILER

What begins as a family trip to the mountains, will soon become a murderous horror trip in the cold winter forest, as a loving mother slowly but surely ...
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Blade of the Immortal - TRAILER

Blade of the Immortal – TRAILER

With "Blade of the Immortal" legt Regielegende Takashi Miike ("13 Assassins", "Audition") According to IMDb trailer and its whopping 100. Directing ago. for this ...
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"Alpha" was from "The Book of Eli"-Director Albert Hughes staged and shows an action-adventure in the Ice Age. Starring Kodi Smit-McPhee is (X-Men: ...
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Killing Gunther - TRAILER

Killing Gunther – TRAILER

All Killer of this world want to kill Arnold Schwarzenegger. As it was said in the past year, that Schwarzenegger "Killing Gunther" as title imaging Super killer of killer colleagues ...
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Kickboxer 2: Retaliation - TRAILER

Kickboxer 2: Retaliation – TRAILER

Sequel to the action remake "Kickboxer: Revenge". For "Kickboxer - Retaliation" and its director is responsible Dimitri Logothetis. The cast in the film include Alain ...
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